Lauren Chao shared with Peekaboo what she loves about Bentonville and working with Midtown Associates.  Here’s an excerpt:

Q: Why did you end up going with Midtown Associates?

A: We met Debbie from Midtown Associates while we were trying to sell our house by ourselves. She was bright and cheery and seemed to want the best for her buyer. While they ended up not wanting to buy our home, we knew that we wanted her for our realtor. We also love Midtown Associates. They are a local boutique real estate located in downtown Bentonville. They are very active in the community and have a great reputation. We are so happy that we used Midtown Associates. They were able to get our home under contract in under one week for the same price we wanted to sell it for ourselves. We had multiple offers! Debbie was able to navigate the process and successfully have our house SOLD in about a month. Incredible – especially factoring in the time and energy we wasted trying to sell it ourselves!

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