After our principal broker, Michelle Dearing, graduated from Leadership Benton County, she felt that it took her to a whole new level as a professional and as a member of the NWA community. Since her nephew, Midtown agent Ace Rouse, knew that Michelle had already been a successful professional, he wanted to experience LBC for himself.

What is Leadership Benton County? It’s a year-long, selective training program for individuals who are dedicated to the growth, development, and success of Northwest Arkansas. It is designed to help future leaders develop their potential, become more involved in the community, and learn more about local issues, needs, and opportunities.

We had the honor of hosting the meet-and-greet for LBC 2017 at our offices in August. It was a great way for these twenty-four professionals from diverse fields and backgrounds to start getting to know each other.

Ace’s second LBC “meeting” was a day at an obstacle course. While he was climbing a wall – his biggest challenge of the day – he got stung by a wasp! Despite that complication, he kept going. He says that being in that situation and choosing to push himself out of his comfort zone was a great feeling.

Even though the program year has just started, Ace says he has already learned that the journey to leadership is a marathon, not a sprint. He has learned to dig deep and examine his habits and values, to make sure he is being true to who he is – and who he wants to be. And when his clients ask about NWA, he loves being able to share his growing understanding of the area.

Programs like Leadership Benton County set Northwest Arkansas apart as a forward-thinking, diversifying, knowledgeable community. We are proud to have two Midtown associates who are a part of it!