After a long and cold winter, Bentonville comes to life in the spring. The tulips begin to bloom, the grass turns green, the food trucks swarm with people and the Square is the place to be! While Midtown Associates is passionate about the Bentonville Real Estate Market, we are also passionate about our community. Our goal is to connect Northwest Arkansas on family at a time!


Here are some of our favorite events that make Springtime so magical in Bentonville!

First Friday returns to the Bentonville Square. This is when the Bentonville Square is turned into a giant neighborhood block party every month. The party begins at 11:00 am and goes until 8 pm. Each month has a different theme to bring excitement and energy to the event. April’s theme was Growing Greener and May’s theme is The Power of Music. For more information, visit

Bentonville Farmers Market Return! Starting on April 20th, the Farmers market returns to the Square. This is a great time to load up on local fruits and veggies, beautiful flowers and other local artisan goodies. The Square comes to life with people of all ages. Kids and dogs both love the excitement of the event. We hope to see you there!  For more info- click here:


In the Spring, Music also comes to life in Bentonville. The weather is perfect for outdoor concert venues and patio weather. Below are some of my favorite festivals/shows in Bentonville.

– Beers and Hymns- Raise your glass. Raise your voice. This is a great time to listen to classic hymns and themed music with friends and family. They play at Bike Rack at 8th Street Market. April’s theme is Piano Legends (4/14). May’s theme is Flower Power (5/5).

– Power of Music Festival- This great event takes place May 3-5. Here is how they describe their mission ”We are on a mission: To Improve Lives Through Music. Music is the heartbeat of a community and the Power Of Music Festival was created to make all genres and aspects of music accessible for our entire community. The Power Of Music Festival is a designed environment to foster exchange and collaboration where an emphasis is placed on creating relationships and cultural bonds using music as a handshake.”

And finally- one of the greatest events to bring people together is the Bentonville Film Festival. This takes place May 7-11. This amazing event was co-founded by Geena Davis. The purpose of the festival is to support inclusion in all forms of media. This is the 5th Annual BFF. There will be 29 competition feature film selections. There is even a movie filmed in Downtown Bentonville- Sweet Inspirations. Be sure to check out that movie!

If you are in the market for a new home, but sure to stop by the Midtown Associates office in Downtown Bentonville at 211 S. Main Street. Let us help you find your perfect new home. We would love to connect you to the community and great the life that you want. Let us be your Bentonville (and all of Northwest Arkansas!!!) Real Estate Agent!

What spring event in Bentonville are you most looking forward to?  Are there any other good events we should know about?