When my family moved here 18 years ago, we decided that since we had moved into an area with a lake, we should have a boat.  Our first experience on Beaver Lake was exhilarating. I was hooked on this gorgeous, crystal clear paradise the moment I set eyes on it.  We spent many hours exploring, fishing, skiing, and just cruising all over Beaver Lake. It’s a vacation paradise for some people and a peaceful home to others.  It provides a great place for families to spend their time and enjoy nature.


Beaver Lake has been a part of this area since 1966. It is the birthplace of the White River and is situated in the Ozark mountains amid the beautiful limestone bluffs.  It’s nearly 29,000 acres in size with 487 miles of shoreline. It has around 2,000 acres of campgrounds and park facilities for people to use. There are cabins, lodges, and resorts available to rent if camping is not your thing.  

The lake is full of crappie, stripper bass, bream, and other varieties of fish to catch which adds to the pleasures the lake has to offer. I have seen people use the lake for fishing, canoeing, kayaking, sailing, skiing, and I have even seen houseboats out there with people living in them.  

Because of all the wonderful things this lake has to offer, a lot of people want to buy property or land in order to reap these benefits.  That’s where I, Rebecca, come into the picture. Presently, I am working with individuals who want to live on or near the lake. They have distinct ideas of what they are looking for in a home and it’s getting difficult to find those criteria because once someone buys a home or land on the lake, they don’t want to leave or sell it.  

I spend countless hours browsing the MLS for that perfect home for my client, whether it be a cozy log cabin nestled high above the mountains overlooking a panoramic view or an amazing resort type home with a walk-out basement to a private boat dock, I will find it. It’s what I do and love.