I’ve been called a wordsmith because I like to use the right word efficiently and effectively to convey ideas. The same holds with true with my visual art. I’ve trained and practiced my craft of painting for four decades in order to be able to say what I want to say very clearly.

Through decades of evolution, my work has changed dramatically. Originally straightforward depictions of nature, my pieces now are rife with symbols and humor. My subject matter choices have shifted greatly through time also. When once I did seventy-five percent landscapes, I do less than twenty percent today. Still lifes and the human figure have come to dominant my production. There are several reasons for this, one being the skill level required to paint people took time to acquire.

I am increasingly aiming to make important artwork. I feel any subject matter is within my scope now. Ambitious visions once unapproachable are now exciting to contemplate. My imagination can soar and my hand can manifest those ideas into finished art. It’s an exciting place to be.