Practically born with a paintbrush in her hand, Tania Knudsen has been chasing the creative life since childhood. She spent her youth playing outside, loving animals and painting in a local art studio. Not much has changed over the years-she still paints, hangs out in the studio with fun friends and firmly believes in the importance of play. Between the playing and painting Tania found time to raise two unique children, earn an art degree and start a teaching studio. She now learns from and loves her students and creates events to bring artists and the community together.

Her philosophy is this: Life and Art are adventures, and like all great journeys they are better when shared.

Tania Knudsen holds a BSE in art education and elementary education. She is founder and director of Studio 7 (a creative learning center for visual arts), Art on the Creeks (an annual arts festival) and Minerva Arts (an art non- profit). Her work can be seen at