I am an abstract landscape painter. I attempt to look beyond what is in front of me to reach a greater interpretation. My abstract vistas give the viewer the freedom to step away from the literal landscape of nature and tap into imagery created within their mind’s eye. My abstract landscapes are based on an emotional reaction to a natural setting – urban or rural – rather than a specific depiction of a place.

After a lifetime in Chicago, I retired to Bella Vista, Arkansas. I am enjoying my relaxed life in the Ozarks tremendously. Everyone is so much more friendly and more relaxed than the folks in Chicago. Plus the scenery is wonderful–even though I do a lot of city paintings.

My artwork represents a lifetime of reflection and transfiguration of stored memories. My life’s’ mission as an artist is to discover a new way of looking at things –a new vision that “washes away …the dust of everyday life”.

I am impressed with the impact of human technology on our landscape: whether it be superhighways, urban/suburban development or agriculture.