Included in the exhibition are 4 paintings from the Mothers Day Dead Flowers series and 1 floral entitled “Dyed Daisies”.

Having been given a small bouquet of flowers from a friend’s garden for Mothers Day 2018, I was inspired by the line and rhythm of the flowers as they wilted and died. Each painting in the series offers a different interpretation of the flowers, glass jar and background. Various colors and color intensities are used.

With “Dyed Daisies” I first adhered a large swath of decorative paper to the canvas. The pattern of the paper, gray with metallic gold lines, inspired the background. The vase is composed of fabric with constellations on it. This constellation fabric is a material I’ve been using in many artworks. The subject matter, cheap grocery store dyed daisies, was intriguing and I tried to capture that theme in the painting.