This series of paintings continues to explore the practice of editing as well as mark-making. I have also decided to incorporate text into my work. In the past, I have refrained from using text in my paintings because I didn’t always have a specific thought or idea that I was trying to convey in my work. When I did have a specific idea, I felt like using text would make the idea too obvious. I decided to use text after looking back at two of my favorite artists, Robert Motherwell and Cy Twombly. In making this decision, I had to confront the challenge of manipulating and abstracting the text so the idea of the painting would not be immediately obvious. Abstracting the text has forced me to think about text as shape or negative space, therefore, allowing me the freedom to see how far the text can be manipulated or abstracted. To further disguise the idea, I translate the text into Spanish.

Translating my ideas into Spanish has been a very interesting process for me. It allows me to draw from my Mexican-American heritage. My mother is Mexican-American and speaks fluent Spanish. However, she did not teach me the language because she grew up in a bilingual home. When my parents moved to Dallas, there was not a great need for my mother to speak Spanish, therefore, she did not think Spanish was something that we needed to know. I have always wanted to be fluent in Spanish and this new direction in my work is helping me to understand more about the language. Researching words and finding correct grammar is helping me with this, though the best thing that comes from research is when I ask my mother, or uncle, for a translation. It always seems to lead to a conversation about the language, or even better, a story about my family.